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One of our core beliefs at Inspire Capital is that “not all capital is created equal”. The truth is that most private lenders and mortgage pool funds lend “passive capital” – transactional money that’s simply wired in to fund a transaction, uninvolved in the borrower’s business, out-of-shape capital (if you will) that simply sits on the sidelines like a 3rd string player waiting for the deal to close. This is the kind of unattended capital, no matter how secure, that enables borrowers to get in trouble, waste time, make bad decisions, and ultimately costs the fund money to remedy.


We simply don’t allow this kind of capital in our Fund.


At Inspire Capital, we turn the capital invested in the Fund into what we like to call “Inspired Capital”. It’s capital that is working with the Managing Partners’ attentive, active interest and role in our clients’ businesses to help them be successful. Why do we do this? Because we believe creating relationships with borrowers from the start and being proactive to ensure their transactions are successful plants the seeds for future business and breeds referrals. This gives us a significant competitive advantage and ability to deliver stronger, more consistent returns to our investors than other funds.


And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are inspired by our clients’ businesses and we like to think our involvement in their success inspires them.