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Author: Jordan Fisher


01 Aug Let’s Get Real About Returns

In my daily conversations with investors, most people generally fall into two camps: 1) Those who actively manage their own investments and make short-term decisions to capitalize on market opportunities 2) Those who make long-term investment decisions, independent of daily or even yearly market noise or swings At...

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Tesla 2

05 May The Car or the Cash? How About Both

I was chatting with one of my golfing buddies a couple weeks ago. He recently bought a top of the line Tesla Model-S after obsessing about the car for the last few years. We took a short drive through his neighborhood and went briefly on...

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Cash Slow

12 Feb “Cash Slow” vs. Cash Flow: Thinking Outside the Neighborhood Box

Have you ever thought about purchasing investment property in your own neighborhood? When most investors think about adding real estate to their financial portfolio, they commonly turn to their local market first because they feel most comfortable and knowledgeable close to home. They want to purchase...

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20 Nov Turbocharge Your IRA for Tax-Free Growth

IRAs can be sexy.  Yes, I said it.  SEXY.  Most investors I speak with, however, think IRAs are about as sexy as life insurance (maybe even less so).  IRAs can seem like dull, slow-moving, “have to” investment plans for people closer to retirement age, or...

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11 Nov Making Sense of the Housing Market Amidst All the Noise

With the multitude of conflicting housing reports flooding the media daily, you almost have to be an NSA intelligence analyst or political strategist to decipher what’s really happening on the national housing scene… Are housing prices still going up or just not going down? Is sales volume increasing...

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Nobody Walks

21 Oct Nobody Walks in L.A. (or Apparently Can Own a Home) – Home Affordability Drops Again

Housing Affordability is a common term used by real estate statisticians and the media to discuss the percentage of homes in any given area that are affordable to families earning the median income in that area.  This measure is officially tracked by the National Association...

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LA Sunset X

15 Sep Why Now is NOT the Time to Invest in the L.A. Housing Market

I love Los Angeles having lived here most of my life.  The yearly sunshine, diverse neighborhoods, architectural homes, and the proximity of the mountains and ocean is relatively unmatched anywhere else in the country.  Let’s face it, L.A. will always be at the forefront of...

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13 Aug How to Earn Attractive Returns on Investment Property Without Being a Landlord (Part 2)

On the last post, we discussed private lending as one strategy to earn attractive returns backed by real estate without the headaches of tenants and toilets. We talked about the investment security, leverage and passive nature (no tenant calls in the middle of the night)...

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mailbox money

07 Aug How to Earn Attractive Returns on Investment Property Without Being a Landlord

No talking with tenants. No fixing toilets. No haggling with property managers. No paying property taxes. No increasing insurance premiums. No utility costs. Sounds almost too good to be true. But a growing number of informed investors are enjoying these benefits by taking a different approach to investing in real estate --...

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For Rent Long

19 Jul Home Sales Down. Housing Prices Stagnant. Look to RENT for Answers.

If you haven’t noticed, the hot real estate market of last year has slowed considerably since last October and has no signs of picking up steam anytime soon – even during the typical hot summer selling season.  In Southern California, home sales are down 12%...

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