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Need Capital?

Inspire Capital is a direct, private money lender that provides an invaluable source of short-term financing for real estate investors, rehabbers, builders and developers to accomplish their immediate real estate goals. Our entire business is built on establishing long-term relationships with seasoned real estate investors across the country that appreciate the personal service, expertise and timely execution we provide. As real estate investors ourselves, we understand the importance of having a reliable, convenient and creative source of capital at your fingertips and we strive to be the preferred private lender for your real estate transactions.


Inspire Capital offers several different financing options for real estate investors including the following:


  • Renovation Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Development / Build Control Loans
  • Transactional Loans

Renovation Loans

Renovation loans (i.e. rehab or fix & flip loans) are typically made to real estate investors focusing on purchasing, rehabbing, and selling single-family or 1-4 unit residential properties.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are for residential and commercial properties that need little or no repairs or improvements. Rather, a real estate investor utilizes Inspire Capital to provide short-term financing to bridge the timing until the sale of the property to an end buyer or recapitalize with conventional bank financing.

Development/Build Control Loans

Development or build control loans are provided to very experienced real estate investors and developers in order to finance the construction and redevelopment of their project. Inspire Capital typically only considers these types of loans in their local markets of Southern California where the developer is adding square footage to the existing footprint of the property.

Transactional Loans

Transactional loans are for real estate investors that need financing for a relatively short periods of time, typically 24-48 hours. Inspire Capital provides this type of financing when prospective borrowers already have an end buyer in place or need to close faster than a conventional lender can perform.

We can typically underwrite and fund any of these transactions in as little as a 5-7 business days with existing clients.


Inspire Capital analyzes each real estate investment independently, but with the following general guidelines:


Property Types: Residential, commercial and multi-family properties with primary focus on one to four unit non-owner occupied residential properties

Location: Nationwide, but primarily focused on California, Florida and existing markets where Inspire Capital has current lending relationships with experienced borrowers, owner operators, and developers

Loan Size: $50,000 – $2,000,000

Loan-to-Value (LTV): Up to 70% LTV including ARV loan products (will vary based on individual loan)

Down payment: Will vary based on strength of deal

Lien Position: Primarily 1st position with some 2nds based on safe LTV and individual loan

Loan Type: Acquisition, rehab/flip, construction, development, and bridge financing, but majority focused on residential rehab/flip sector

Equity Participation: Inspire Capital will consider creative solutions involving equity participation only with seasoned borrowers

Borrower Type: Single purpose entity or individual (non-owner occupied, individual loans)

Borrower Credit: Lending primarily driven by the underlying value of the real estate, but Inspire Capital does review borrower’s credit and financial capacity.  Primary focus on borrower’s track record and real estate investment experience.



Inspire Capital analyzes each real estate investment independently but does make term and rate considerations based on relationship with borrower, experience of borrower, amount of down payment and strength of the deal.  The following are general guidelines:


Loan Size: $50,000 – $2,000,000

Loan-to-Value (LTV): Up to 70% LTV including ARV loan products (will vary based on individual loan)

Loan Term: 3 months – 24 months

Interest Rates: 12-18% (will vary based upon the individual loan)

Loan Points: 2-10 (will vary based upon the individual loan)

Prepayment: Typically no prepayment penalty after minimum lockout period

Recourse: Borrower must personally guarantee the loan

Costs: Borrower responsible for all due diligence, legal, closing & other costs

Repayment: Typically interest only (paid monthly), with principal due at loan maturity, but also balloon option for some borrowers

Construction: Construction draws are released to borrower upon successful completion of on-site inspection and Inspire Capital’s receipt and approval of relevant information