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How to Sell REx

How to Sell Real Estate FAST, for TOP DOLLAR, with ULTIMATE CONTROL

On this webinar, Jordan Fisher, Managing Partner of Inspire Capital and accomplished real estate investor and broker, will share one of the most powerful strategies he uses to help investors sell properties FAST, for TOP DOLLAR, and with ULTIMATE CONTROL of the transaction from start to finish. You’ll learn how to have buyers lining up at the door from Day 1, bidding against each other, sending you video pleas to accept their offer, and following any and all rules you set up for them in the transaction. His strategies work in any part of the country, in any price range, no matter if the market is up or down. You’ll never look at the selling side of real estate the same way again.

(NOTE: Please click on the link and then DOWNLOAD the webinar.  DO NOT simply play the link or you will not be able to view the full content.)

Inspire Intro

Introduction to Inspire Capital

Jordan Fisher, co-Managing Partner of Inspire Capital, outlines some of the key investment challenges facing accredited investors and how the fund solves these challenges by delivering secure, reliable, double-digit returns through real estate.  It’s a short “just the facts please” video that summarizes the fund and its investment objectives.


Epic Real Estate Podcast

This is a podcast of Jordan Fisher, Managing Partner of Inspire Capital, being interviewed by Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate.  It discusses Jordan’s personal story of how he progressed through real estate investing into private lending, suggestions for raising capital, insights into the types of properties and clients that Inspire Capital serves, and where Jordan sees the real estate market heading in the near future.


Freedom Founders Podcast

This is a podcast of David Phelps of Freedom Founders interviewing both Jordan Fisher and Mike Zlotnik, Managing Partners of Inspire Capital, for his Freedom Founders audience.  It discusses how one should do appropriate due diligence before making a real estate investment, how to use your retirement accounts to make real estate investments, how to become a private lender (the bank), and how Inspire Capital works with clients to make them successful.


FlipNerd Webinar

This is the live recording of a webinar hosted by Mike Hambright of FlipNerd that interviews Jordan Fisher, Managing Partner of Inspire Capital, for the FlipNerd community.  It discusses Jordan’s real estate investment background and how this foundation serves Inspire Capital’s private lending business.  It also covers the current state of real estate, where the market is heading, and Jordan shares some tips on how to sell properties for more money, in less time, with ultimate control.

Evaluating Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments Presentation

This is a downloadable PDF from a webinar hosted by Mike Zlotnik, Managing Partner of Inspire Capital, on evaluating alternative investment opportunities.  It covers many of the fundamental and specific questions investors should ask themselves before pursuing any investment, weighing risk vs. reward, appropriate due diligence, and where to find good opportunities.