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Inspired Capital

Inspire Capital provides accredited investors with secure, reliable, passive returns through real estate – without the headaches of tenants and toilets or large capital requirements typically associated with hedge funds and institutional investing. Our best-in-class mortgage pool fund focuses on originating well-secured, short- term mortgage loans to experienced borrowers for real estate renovations and redevelopment projects across the country. This powerful investment vehicle helps our clients diversify their portfolio, earn attractive 10-13% net annual returns, turbo-charge their IRA investing, and mitigate the risks inherent in owning real estate.

But we’re not for every investor

And we prefer it that way. In fact, if you enjoy getting tenant calls in the middle of the night, paying property taxes, gambling for higher returns, or are satisfied with the paper gains of Wall Street, we apologize for wasting your time and we will happily refer you to our friends in those respective businesses. However, if you’re interested in the advantages of mortgage pool investing or are a private money lender seeking more secure, consistent returns – congrats! You’re in the top 1% of financial investors who recognize there are higher yield, more secure investments than your money manager will have you believe. And for you, we have investment opportunities that will inspire your portfolio.

Why Invest in a Mortgage Pool Fund?

Unlike stocks and bonds, the Inspire Capital mortgage pool fund is a real estate asset-backed investment vehicle that provides tremendous advantages over Wall Street securities:


  • Sound, well-secured financial model that is regulated by the SEC and structured to deliver double-digit returns in both up and down markets
  • Conservative, intelligent loan-to-value underwriting standards that includes a 25-point risk assessment and mitigation checklist
  • Borrowers must be seasoned real estate investors whom we have worked with before or were referred to us – no newbies
  • Governance and transparency based on industry best practices
  • Quarterly distribution of profits (real money not paper gains) to our investors
  • Multiple investment options including equity membership units, debt investment and direct investment for each investor’s risk/reward appetite
  • Options for self-directed IRA investing or tax sheltered environments
  • Healthy win-win business relationship between the Fund and it’s borrowers that results in quicker turn-times and countless referral business


If you would like more information about investing in Inspire Investment Fund I, LLC, please contact us at 626.788.9700 or click here.