| Mortgage Pool Investing
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Big institutional money and high net worth individuals prefer to invest in private mortgage pool funds due to their many advantages over individual note investing:


  • Greater Security: Your money is pooled in the Fund and secured by multiple real estate loans across the portfolio. This mitigates the traditional private money risk of lending on one property, to one borrower, in one region, on one loan type, etc.
  • Constant Deal Flow: You money works 24/7 to earn consistent returns no matter how much money you have invested in the Fund. This is unlike most individual notes that when paid off, earn you no returns until you find the next deal to lend on.
  • Priority Lien Position: We pool your money into the Fund to reduce risk and leverage the large buying power gained from multiple investors so we ensure priority lien position and well-secured returns.
  • Time & Effort Savings: The Fund sources and analyzes the deals, underwrites the loans, and secures the loans against the real estate. All the legwork is done for you so your money works hard, not you. That’s the definition of passive income.
  • Higher Annualized Returns: Research shows that mortgage pool funds pay higher annualized returns than private lending on short-term loans because money never sits idle waiting for the next deal to fund.
  • Unlimited Investment Opportunities: Once you invest in a mortgage pool fund, you can invest additional funds at any time that start earning returns immediately. No more passive money sitting on the sidelines.


If you would like more information about investing in Inspire Capital’s mortgage pool fund, please contact us at 626.788.9700 or click here.